Bay Area Concert Buzz

Bay Area Concert Buzz


Loving music is a requirement for working at Blackfire Research. As a wireless entertainment technology company, we’re listening to music all day while testing wireless speakers, surround sound systems, music streaming applications, and more. Although we specialize in perfecting wireless home entertainment, there’s plenty of excitement to experience outside the home.

For us at Blackfire Research, April is shaping up to be a music lover’s dream. From newly-minted breakout stars to the return of 60’s psychedelic rock, the San Francisco Bay Area is playing host to a number of highly anticipated concerts this month.

On Saturday, April 15, English indie pop group, The xx, comes to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in downtown San Francisco as part of their North American tour promoting their latest album, “I See You.” Accompanying them is breakout artist, Sampha, who just recently released his debut album, “Process” to rave reviews and stunning critical acclaim. For tickets, click here.


Radiohead returns to The Greek Theatre in Berkeley for a two night, sold out engagement on April 17 & 18. The beautiful outdoor amphitheater, located at the start of the Berkeley Foothills, adjacent to The University of California campus, is the perfect venue to reconnect with everyone’s favorite 90’s rock band.

Also making an appearance in Berkeley this month: The Zombies. Journey back in time as the iconic 60’s psychedelic rock band performs at The UC Theatre on April 25 as part of the First Anniversary Show celebrating the remodeling and reopening of this historic venue. Tickets are on sale now.

Winner of Best Rap Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards, Chicago native, Chance the Rapper, takes his critically acclaimed “Coloring Book,” on the road, performing to an already sold out crowd at the Oracle Arena in Oakland on April 26. In addition to his massively successful solo career, Chance lends his talents on other influential albums, such as Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo.” Recently, Chance made headlines when he donated $1 Million to the Chicago Public School system, garnering high praise from another well-known CPS alum, Michelle Obama, who took to Twitter to thank Chance for his generosity, branding him as a leading “example of the power of arts education.”

R&B chart topper, The Weeknd, will be making a stop at San Jose’s SAP Center on Friday, April 28 for part of his first World Tour, Starboy: Legend of the Fall. The award winner’s sophomore album, “Starboy,” was released last November and chronicles the aftermath of the artist’s newfound fame. Tickets are on sale now.

British folk singer, Laura Marling, who just released her sixth studio album, “Semper Femina,” to rave reviews, will be gracing The Fillmore stage in San Francisco on April 30. Marling’s placid stage demeanor, coupled with the richly poetic language of her lyrics, accentuates the hypnotic effect she holds over an audience. Experience the magic, you won’t regret it.

On that same night, iconic American folk singer and two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, David Crosby, will be performing at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. In addition to his classic hits, Crosby will be performing songs from his latest solo album, “Croz,” as well as pieces from an upcoming album titled “Sky Trails.” For more information, click here.  

What concerts or events are you most excited for this month? Let us know in the comments section below!


Blackfire in the News

Blackfire in the News


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Powered by Blackfire: Onkyo LS7200 3D Soundbar System

Powered by Blackfire: Onkyo LS7200 3D Soundbar System


This past November, Japanese electronics manufacturer, Onkyo, unveiled the LS7200 3D Soundbar System featuring FireConnect by Blackfire Research, as part of their growing Envision Cinema product family. The LS7200 is a three-piece, 5.1.2 surround sound system, made up of a slim, 53mm wall-mountable soundbar, a wireless subwoofer, and an AV center control unit, which includes four HDMI inputs to connect all your media devices, such as Blu-Ray players, streaming boxes, and video game consoles.

The three-piece LS7200 offers key advantages over other soundbar systems:  not only does it use FireConnect to perfect multiroom distribution of wireless audio to FireConnect-compatible wireless speakers, the LS7200 will support Spotify, Connect, TuneIn, and Tidal, so you’ll have all your favorite music right at your fingertips. Onkyo’s “AccuEQ Room Acoustic Calibration tailors sound to individual spaces, adjusting essential speaker conditions such as output level, distance, and crossover” (, so you’ll always experience incredible sound in any room or configuration.

Inside the 53mm soundbar, “you’ll find two speakers drivers for each left, right and centre channel as well single height speakers to create 3D sound effects via Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The LS7200 also boasts a Surround Enhancer mode that creates ‘virtual rear speakers’ to help give the illusion sound is coming from behind you” ( Additionally, the LS7200 offers object-based sound for movies, as well as a deeply satisfying stereo performance with a choice of network audio options.

Whether streaming music throughout your home or watching your favorite movie in surround sound, Onkyo LS7200 3D Soundbar System is the perfect addition to your wireless home entertainment system. The LS7200 will be available starting in January 2017.

For more information, check out this Onkyo Press Release, and news from Techradar and Pocket-Lint:

Onkyo Press Release



Powered by Blackfire: The Omni 10

Powered by Blackfire: The Omni 10


Blackfire Research is proud to partner with Harmon/Kardon, a leading global manufacturer of audio systems, to make the best wireless speakers on the market. Blackfire’s technology can be found in any of Harmon’s wireless Omni speakers. Today, we’ll take a closer look inside the Omni 10, the wireless HD loudspeaker that started it all.

With its small, elegant design, the Omni 10, wireless HD loudspeaker, packs a lot of punch. Powered by Blackfire’s patented technology, the Omni 10 sets the bar for the industry’s best performing small room speaker. (Based on objective performance studies of currently available Wi-Fi speaker technologies as defined by the ITU Indoor Radio Propagation Model.) The Omni 10 supports superior, lossless HD audio without synchronization issues, playback lag or dropouts between multiple speakers, and streams up to 24bit/96kHz studio quality sound, all through Wi-Fi.

A multi-speaker setups allow for multi-room and multi-channel wireless surround sound. Harmon/Kardon’s user-friendly design allows you to enjoy your music from anywhere in your home, all with the touch of a button: enjoy the same song throughout the entire home through “Party Mode,” or Press “Link” to continue playing your music on another device. Multi-room and multi-channel wireless audio also lets you play different songs in different rooms, so you’ll never have to fight over music tastes again!

You can stream music from your smartphone or tablet through the Harmon/Kardon controller app, or, take advantage of the Omni 10’s Bluetooth capability by streaming music from your tablet or phone. While using Bluetooth, “the speaker will automatically translate the signal to Wi-Fi…all over your house for a truly flexible whole home audio experience”so you never have to worry about range limitations, dropouts, or low quality audio. If streaming music isn’t your thing, the Omni 10 also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input that allows you to connect your speaker to almost any audio device.

Harmon/Kardon’s Omni 10 wireless HD Loudspeaker powered by Blackfire comes in either black or white and can be purchased for $199.95 each.



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  Redefining Smart Home Entertainment

Rescuing You From Entertainment Islands

With the advancement of smart phone capabilities and the growth of internet content, we are under the illusion that we can receive what we want, anywhere, any time. This is far from true, especially when it comes to home entertainment systems. Rather than allow us to enjoy our music, video or rich media applications wherever we want in our home, our Smart TVs, stereo systems, PCs, and speakers have stranded us on “entertainment islands” that prevent whole-home wireless connectivity. At Blackfire Research, we’re getting entertainment content off these islands, so you can mix and match your media, playing to anywhere, from anywhere, any way you want in the home. 

With over 30 patents, we’re making the smart home smarter. We’ve developed a software solution called the Blackfire RED framework, built from the ground up to overcome the limitations of conventional wireless. Blackfire RED does what nothing else can - stream both HD 5.1 audio and 4K video simultaneously across multiple devices over standard Wi-Fi, all while looking and sounding spectacular. 

If you think you’ve heard or seen this before, trust me you haven’t. Doing this is hard. Otherwise somebody else would have already done it.


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