Featured Music Friday: Process

Featured Music Friday: Process


Very rarely is a debut album as powerful as “Process.” For the soft-spoken, English born Sampha Sisay, who was introduced to the piano at the age of three, music creates for him a means of self-expression. For Sampha, whose wavering voice commands sober sovereignty in “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” a masterfully stripped down ballad about finding one’s voice and coping with grief through the comfort of music, tragedy strikes at every turn. Both of his parents were taken by cancer, and their absence fills the lyrics and quiet spaces of the album. Sampha too, was faced with his own mortality when he suffered a cancer scare not too long ago, discovering a lump in his throat, which he chronicles in “Plastic 100°C.” Previously, Sampha had lent his talent to big name artists, like Drake, Kanye, Solange and Frank Ocean, but with his debut album, Sampha begins anew. The album’s title can be seen as shorthand for “the grieving process,” or can refer to Sampha’s ongoing journey of self discovery. Either way, we’ll be right there with him. Featured Music Friday is brought to you by Blackfire Research.


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