Featured Music Friday: More Life

Featured Music Friday: More Life


Drake wants you to know that “More Life” is not an album. With it’s staggering 22 tracks – a handful of which do not even feature Drake’s hypnotic-melodic inflection – it is, in fact, a playlist. It’s no secret that Drake (and critics) were disappointed with “Views,” his 2016 album which featured radio hits like “One Dance” and “Hotline Bling.” Despite being a commercial success, the album itself was labeled as lacking in creativity and a cohesive subject (think: tiny, sad Drake sitting atop the CN Tower). So it’s no wonder that the Toronto native wants to steer his artistic expression away from the suffocating effects of a studio album, moving instead into the realm of “playlist,” a buzzword here implying a collection of stand-alone, significant tracks. “More Life” bursts at the seams with it’s deluge of talent: from Kanye on “Glow,” to Sampha’s “4422” and Black Coffee and Jorja on “Get It Together,” the playlist plays host to a world-wide conspiracy to make Drake sound good. And dagnabbit, it worked. For the most successful rapper in the biz with the least amount of street cred, Drake must situate himself close to those that can give him broader appeal. “More Life” is all we’ll get from Drake this year. At the end of closing track, “Do Not Disturb,” Drake announces that he’ll be taking a break from new music until 2018. Until then, I’m sure the Internet will provide us with a surplus of Drake memes in his absence. Featured Music Friday is brought to you by Blackfire Research.


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