Powered by Blackfire: The HTC One M9

Powered by Blackfire: The HTC One M9


Blackfire Research is proud to partner with leading smart phone and electronics manufacturer HTC, for their award winning,  HTC One M9 smartphone. Blackfire Research technology is featured in the smartphone’s HTC Connect service, which allows users to “wirelessly stream music or video from HTC One M9 to speakers or TV by just swiping up the screen with 3 fingers.” (HTC.com)

With HTC Connect, you can stream media wirelessly from your phone to any Blackfire powered product, from leading brands such as the HARMAN KARDON™ Omni series of speakers. Once connected, the audio and music from the HTC smartphone is routed to these products, much like Bluetooth. However, unlike Bluetooth, Blackfire technology enables much longer range, improved resolution, superior sound quality, and multi room play.

Blackfire powered products can be used in various multi room or in-room configurations. They can also be grouped into various zones, selected for playback at will, and be shared by multiple phones. Therefore, the user can enjoy music from the HTC One to a HARMAN KARDON OMNI 20 Speaker in the kitchen and simultaneously send it to a HARMAN KARDON Adapt plugged into their stereo system – all playing simultaneously, in high quality, over the home Wi-Fi. Blackfire technology is compliant with any online music/media service applications on the HTC One M9, which allows HTC One users maximum flexibility in enjoying their music and makes the HTC One a powerful media platform.

The HTC One M9 is carried by AT&T and Sprint. For more information, visit http://www.htc.com/us/.

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